Ever left your indicator on and had someone pull out in front of you ???

Motorcyclists in particular, and other road users tend to routinely leave their indicators on, leaving themselves open to potentially dangerous misunderstanding of their intentions by others.

We have something that can help with that - the BlinkaThinka

What is BlinkaThinka?
Basically a microprocessor controlled, programmable, VISUAL and AUDIBLE warning that your indicators are still on after you should have cancelled them.
On occasion you may just forget to cancel your indicator with potentially disastrous results. The BlinkaThinka is an unobtrusive device intended to avoid this danger (and possible ribbing from your mates) caused by leaving your blinker on.

Is it simple to install?
Just 4 wires to connect up.  One to each indicator, one to the brake signal and an earth.

Nearly everything needed is included in the kit, Scotchlocks for the connections and some cable ties. You may need a meter to find the active wires.

Pop the box under the seat and run the LED and buzzer wire to the front where its visible - done.

Why do I need a connection to the brake light?
The brake light connection is needed for two reasons;

1. Applying either brake will cancel the count in the BlinkaThinka, so if your stopped at the lights or an intersection waiting to turn it wont remind you. But don't worry it will start to count flashes again once you release the brake to move off.

2. A combination of the brake and the programming button can, If you want, alter the number of silent flashes from the factory set 15, to anywhere from 1 - 255.

Really I can change the count myself?
You donít need to be a genius, as it is a simple process you can do once the unit is fitted to the bike, all you need do is hold the programme switch then hold the brake lever or pedal, and release the programme switch. THEN use the indicators for the desired number of silent flashes you you want, release the brake and itís done.



Available end of May


 Operation and installation manual